30 Nov

Tim reflects on 5 years of Ensurance

As I sit at my laptop in my kitchen writing this and reflecting on the past five years, it truly has been a rollercoaster of an adventure since we launched Ensurance UK Limited on the 1st December 2016.


The plan to establish a specialist underwriting agency supporting both London Market and Regional brokers in our chosen lines of business was clear, and with the full support of our parent company in Australia we began the journey.


Did we expect the journey to be exciting? Absolutely.

Did we expect the journey to have some challenges? Of course.

Did we expect what happened? Hell no!


Decile 10 reshaped the Construction insurance market, and the impact is still being felt 3 years on. Brexit and the effects of leaving the European Union has significantly impacted the insurance market for Underwriter, Broker and the Insured and will continue to do so over the coming years. A global pandemic – definitely didn’t see that one coming!


The devastating effects of Covid-19 have been felt around the globe and have impacted us all on both a personal and professional level. The challenge of changing capacity in the middle of a Global pandemic and the associated lockdowns. These are just some of the challenges we encountered on the five year journey, however while they were not expected, did they make life exciting? Absolutely.


I have learnt so much in the past five years of growing the business, overcoming challenges and delivering on our ambitions. However, the most important thing that stands out for me is the importance of having the right people on the journey.


Despite some significant personal challenges over the past five years, the team at Ensurance are building a great business, overcoming challenges, finding solutions, building strong trading relationships, retaining and securing new capacity relationships, delivering strong service to our customers and most importantly supporting each other!


So am I glad that I took the first step on the journey to launch Ensurance? I am more than glad, I am proud of what we at Ensurance have built and excited about what the future holds for the business.


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