11 Apr

BIBA 2019 – Alun Tucker

With BIBA just around the corner, we took the opportunity to interview some of our team of experts to find out more about them;


Alun Tucker, Business Development Manager


How would you describe your day job?
My day job is exciting, and as my boss would say, a job he wishes he still had! No one day is the same, it involves decision making, directing, influencing, problem-solving and managing a multitude of enquires and opportunities with important business partners and employees.

You need to be strong, determined and prepared to bring new ideas to the table to get business over the line, appreciating that there will be times where you/your team do not secure a piece of business for no fault of your own, or for reasons outside of your control, which you endeavour to keep to a minimum.


If you could change one thing about the London insurance market, what would it be?
The speed it takes to get things done – As a fresh company entering into the London Insurance Market, it is essential that due diligence is carried out, however, it is also important for you to be able to trade as quickly as possible. Start-up costs increase every day you aren’t writing business.


The theme for this year’s BIBA is ‘leading the way’, who do you think is leading the way in the market at the moment?
Difficult question, as the market is fast in products and ideas, however, I think AVIVA is once again leading the way in the UK, maintaining their client base, doing their roadshows and continuing to develop their online solutions. Apart from that, I would still say the MGAs in this market are still driving expertise, innovation, service and flexibility in their offerings. Although Lloyd’s has had a massive impact in this arena over the past 18 months.


It’s Ensurance’s first BIBA as an exhibitor, what has been your most memorable first?
My most memorable first was my first daughter being born, you can be provided with everyone else views and experiences, but nothing is quite like your own.


BIBA always attracts a great panel of speakers, if you could pick any keynote speaker for the event, who would it be?
Will.I.Am – he is very successful, unique, has a great network and following and coaches/nurtures new talent.


If you’d like to meet Alun at BIBA, please email to arrange an appointment



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