14 May

BIBA 2019 – Becky Steel

With BIBA just around the corner, we took the opportunity to interview some of our team of experts to find out more about them;


Becky Steel, Lead Underwriter – Terrorism & Sabotage


How would you describe your day job?

I have the best job. Every day I get to work with like-minded, driven colleagues who share my passion for delivering results to clients and giving them the peace of mind to go about their day jobs and lives.

I have worked in New York City and LA but the London Market has an energy that just exudes professionalism and experience going back years, and yet manages to move with the times. I spend my days meeting new clients, delivering for existing clients and working alongside my carriers to write a profitable portfolio for my company and Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s continues to base its success on its people and their relationships and, for me that’s the best part of my day job. The people. Oh and the bacon roll I treat myself to on a Friday morning…


What is your biggest achievement to date?

It has to be my relocation to New York City after the tragic events of 9/11 to help rebuild a company that had suffered immense tragedy. Those first few months, missing my friends and family back home coupled with trying to pick up the business and accounts to ensure that there was minimal disruption was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I was welcomed by the people of New York City, they made my experience unforgettable and became my American family. They will always remain so, seeing their strength in such adverse and tragic times made me become a better person which can only lend itself in my current role now at Ensurance.


Who is Leading the Way in the Market at the moment?

MGAs. I’ve spent the past five years upon my return from the US working with an MGA, and have now joined another, there’s a reason for this. I believe the MGA model encompasses all the underwriting and broking/sales skills under one roof whilst eliminating increased operating costs for companies. It makes complete sense to me, and it seems it’s proving its worth in the market right now.


BIBA always attracts a great panel of speakers, if you could pick any keynote speaker for the event, who would it be?
Michael Macintyre, can you imagine him basing his whole speech on the Insurance industry and Lloyd’s of London and how we behave?


If you’d like to meet Becky at BIBA, please email to arrange an appointment


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