1 Jul

“Flexible cover will be critical to expanding take-up of terror cover after lockdown”

Our lead underwriter, terrorism Becky Steel writes for insurance Day and explains why carriers need to step up their efforts to educate brokers and clients on terrorism cover.


“As we begin to see the UK’s towns and cities return to near-normal life, we must be alert to the fact Islamic State has been busily working and recruiting, quietly laying the groundwork for its next atrocity”


It’s scary, but we can’t ignore the fact that the risk of terrorist attack is now part of our every day reality, and it’s no longer bustling landmarks or iconic buildings that are the focus of terrorist events.  It’s become clear that any town in the UK, regardless of size could be the potential location for terrorist activity, whether it’s a full-blown attack or, as we saw recently in the news, the radicalisation of young, would-be attackers.


Despite the risks, statistics show that only one in five businesses in the UK purchases terrorism and sabotage cover, leaving themselves unprotected if they are either subject to attack, or in the close vicinity of one.


In this article for Insurance Day, Becky explains the many different types of terrorism and sabotage covers available to businesses, including Non-Damage Business Interruption and Loss of Attraction, and looks at some of the things they would offer protection for including counselling, retraining, media handling and medical costs.


To read the full article in Insurance Day, click here (subscription required)


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