21 Feb

Why MGAs could be the future for regional brokers

The regional broker market has a rich future ahead of itself and MGAs like Ensurance are committed to helping such brokers do the best for their clients


Tim James recently spoke to Matt Scott, the editor of Insurance Times, about the ‘flourishing’ regional broker market and how MGAs can work closely with this sector to support its clients.


He says; “A good MGA will have the right underwriting capability to provide the right products, from a distribution perspective, MGAs can be more committed, so brokers can see the value of a MGA. We don’t have a responsibility to work with every brokerage in the UK that comes to us, we can support the brokers that add value and build a relationship that benefits both the broker and the customer, and of course the MGA. The regional broker market is a key part of our distribution strategy.


We are a niche technical underwriting business, and we know from our experience that the regional market remains strong and the quality of clients that are represented by those brokers [is high]. It is essential that those brokers have access to ambitious underwriting agencies to deliver the right products and knowledge to ensure those brokers can provide their customer with access to a growing and important market in the UK.”


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